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Happy Thermoforming Customer! You can see the windscreen behind their catch of the day!

They Love Their Windscreen

BOAT HATCHES, SKY LIGHTS & DROP BOARDS Custom Design & Installation

We have worked on every type of lens, acrylic, plastic, starboard, wood and metal there is on a boat. We specialize in custom-fabricating and back engineering OEM parts so it looks, feels and acts like the original – and in many cases our product is superior. 

We focus on delivering a premium product. We don’t use cheap parts or cut corners and we are always up-front with our customers, partners and suppliers with how we do business and how we work. If you want the best result that will last years. You come to us. 



It doesn’t matter what type of port. Fixed, framed, sliding, push-out, pull-in, swing-hinge. We’ve just about seen every type of factory and custom port you can think of. The bottom line is that our attention to detail means your OEM port or your after-market port will be designed to replicate it’s intended use.

Ports are fairly straight forward but they can be tricky to get in and out in tight spaces and even trickier if they are cracked or shattered. We template everything we touch, route and polish and get the port ready for a perfect install. You can do the install or we offer on-boat service including removal, prep, fabrication & installation. No Worries. You’re Covered. 


INSTRUMENT PANELS & CUSTOM PANELS Custom Design & Installation

We do A LOT of instrument panels. Everything from simple 4X4 instrument panels to 8 Food wide custom panels. If you have an idea to streamline your instruments, panels, gauges or just about anything, we can create a panel for it.

Panel applications are fun to work on. They don’t cost you a lot of money and the finished result is amazing. We can knock these out in just a couple days and enjoy working closely with our customers to get the desired result. most small instrument panels range from $75-$250. Fix that panel now and wow your passengers. 


CUSTOM GPS PANELS Custom Design & Installation

We do A LOT of GPS panels too! It seems like we do about 2 per week. The one shown here was for a great customer named Richard. it’s on a 2005 Sea Ray Amberjack with a new Garmin 953xsv MAPGPS System (those are pretty sweet for the money). His original was 1/4 inch and cracked at the screws. We offered a few design modifications to Richard and he was very happy we did. We decided on an upgrade to 3/8 for the thickness of the panel and the beefiness of the panel just felt and looked right. Needless to say Richard was and is a Happy Boater.

GPS panels are an amazing way to upgrade your look and stream line the appearance of your vessel. Generally we look to not just generate a product, but to produce something that feels and looks right with the proper functionality coupled with a long-term durability. Expect us to have a lot of questions about every project you bring us no matter how small. The angel is in the details. We get into the details of every project. 


CUSTOM ACRYLIC FISH TANKS Custom Design & Installation

We don’t do a lot of fish tanks, but when we do…… Expect a great custom finish.  

We polish the edges and solvent weld with special in-house custom-designed molders that allow us to have precision in just about everything we do. If we don’ have the tools we need, we build and fabricate the tools and get to work.

Custom Box

CUSTOM DESIGNS OF ANY TYPE Custom Design & Installation

If you can dream it up, we can build it. We do quite a few projects that are not Marine based and over the past few months we have been thinking about launching the non Marine part of our business. We are just too busy.  We do quite a few model cases made out of acrylic, art stands, custom thermoformed tables and just about anything you can think of made with plastic, wood and metal. 

One of the highlights of this business is getting to see the creativity flow from our customers. We are a team of creatives with engineering, military, technical, design and IPO backgrounds. What does all that mean? Well, it means that if you want to do something new and creative, you have a team here that can give you quite a bit of advice on how to go about the creative process that takes you from the light bulb in your head, to a finished product on the assembly line or built as a one-of-a-kind prototype. It really doesn’t matter what you’re working on, We can help.